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Missed Pay Area Report: Area B



The Netherlands


Offshore, North Sea

Study area:



A14, A15, A17, A18, B10, B13, B14, B18, F02, F03, F05, F08, F09, F15, L01, L04, L08


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The Missed Pay Area report summarizes the Missed Pay findings of the wells in the area per reservoir. Each reservoir in each well is classified according to the hydrocarbon indications. The classifications per reservoir are plotted on reservoir depth maps (from TNO), to highlight areas of interest and possible trap configurations, see example below.

Area B is comprised of 30 wells:

Missed Pay Area Report B

More Info

Missed Pay Study

A Missed Pay study was performed of >150 wells in the Dutch offshore, grouped in six areas. At the time of the evaluation, 2015, the selected wells were located in open or fallow acreage, within 10 km of infrastructure. Per well, all available well data in the public domain was studied for indications of hydrocarbons and reservoir quality. Well data include well logs, geological well reports, drilling and well test reports, composite logs and core data. Petrophysical evaluations of zones of interest are included in the evaluation. Results of the study are reported per well and compounded in area reports. In addition, Petrel, IP (petrophysical), ArcGIS and Excel (core, pressure, petrophysical averages, reservoir classification) databases are available.

114 Out of the 155 analyzed wells are classified as dry in the Dutch governmental database of subsurface data (NLOG). Our study shows that this is an underestimation; a third of all these wells actually have good shows to even tested hydrocarbons. Of the 21 wells that are classified with “shows” on NLOG, 8 wells tested hydrocarbons and another 8 wells had very good indications of hydrocarbons (petrophysics).

Missed Pay Study

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