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17 January 2024: We have replaced the USGS Beaufort Sea - Artic Alaska and USGS Central Alaska datasets with updated versions USGS Beaufort Sea - Artic Alaska 2023 and USGS Central Alaska 2023 that are now fully compatible with OpendTect 7.0

12 June 2023: We have replaced the F3-Demo-2020 dataset with the new F3-Demo-2023 dataset.

24 June 2021: We have added the Delft dataset. OpendTect Pro and the commercial plugins can be used on this dataset without license keys from 6.6.4 and onwards.

18 August 2020: We have replaced the F3_Demo_2016_training_v6 dataset with the new F3_Demo_2020 dataset.

10 August 2020: We have added new projects:

These datasets can be used with OpendTect 6.6 and the Machine Learning plugin. For more information please see the OpendTect Machine Learning knowledge base.

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