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Open Seismic Repository Info

The Open Seismic Repository (OSR) is a dGB initiative to make public data sets readily available for R&D and education. To visit the OSR click the button. Our F3 demo dataset can also be found in the OSR.

OSR Usage Policy

  • The data is made available free of charge for anyone for personal usage. Permission for organisations/companies is not needed for obvious “well meaning” usage, such as distributing works of cultural benefit for the end user. In case of doubt, please contact us at Each data is distributed under a specified license such as Creative Commons license
  • The downloads may not be used with the intention to track usage, log IP addresses or anything else that we consider intrusion of privacy or which may cause disruption of download service. If you are not sure if this would be the case for your usage, please contact us at
  • The downloads are available from our Google Drive. This does not mean that we do guarantee that the downloads will be available for users at all time
  • Users that are not able to download the surveys from the Google Drive may contact us at We will then try to find an alternative way to provide the surveys
  • Users wishing to add seismic data and/or other data to the OSR should contact us at
  • To see which personal information we collect please see our privacy policy.
  • This policy may change at any time. Therefore please check this policy before downloading from the OSR
  • Connecting to any of our OSR downloads implies full acceptance of this policy.

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