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Project NW Shelf Australia - Poseidon 3D





Offshore, NW Shelf


WA-315 P/WA-389-P


S 13°14’00”/E 122°12’00”





Value added Products:


Data summary:

OpendTect project with 3D Seismic Data, Angle Stacks, Wells.


22.1 GB (uncompressed), 13.2 GB (download)


Creative Commons 3.0


3D angle stacks in 8-bit CBVS format:

Download, unzip and copy-paste into the project’s Seismics folder.


Original seismic:

Geoscience Australia

Value added products:

Geoscience Australia

ConocoPhilips created angle stacks

dGB Earth Sciences created the OpendTect project


Using the data and value-added products in this project in publications is permitted. We kindly request to be acknowledged in the following manner:

We thank dGB Earth Sciences for making the data available as an OpendTect project via their TerraNubis portal

Survey Parameters

Survey type:

Only 3D

Inline range and step:

983, 4419, 1

Crossline range and step:

504, 5556, 1

Z range and step:

0, 6, 0.004 Time

Inline bin size (m/line):


Crossline bin size (m/line):


Area (sq km):


More Info

Geological Features

Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy, Seismic Facies, Channels, Faults.

Full Survey Description

Poseidon 3D seismic survey is located on the Australian NW shelf, in the Browse basin. The subsurface data is made available by GEOScience Australia under the terms of the Creative Commons licence Attribution 3.0 Australia (CC BY 3.0 AU). ConocoPhillips shared this data via GoogleDrive along with a deep learning seismic facies clustering tool called MalenoV.

Google Drive link


dGB Earth Sciences loaded 3D seismic (full/near/mid/far stacks) and well data (deviation surveys only) into OpendTect project. The following modifications were made by dGB Earth Sciences:

1) well data was imported into OpendTect format (original files can be found in RawData folder of the project directory).

2) full stack was converted to CBVS format and compressed to 8 bit with scalar=127/45000=0.00282.

3) near/mid/far angle stacks were converted to CBVS format and compressed to 8 bit with scalar=0.0015.

NOTE: the main download includes only full stack seismic and well tracks. Additional downloads section includes the angle stacks in 8-bit CBVS format, original 32-bit SEGY files, and well data (logs, VSP, etc.).


  • About the Browse Basin
  • Visit webpage

  • Poseidon 3D Processing Report
  • Download PDF

  • Poseidon 3D Interpretation Report
  • Download PDF

    Available Data


    • FullStack_w_AGC_8bit.cbvs
    • NearStack_8bit.cbvs*
    • MidStack_8bit.cbvs*
    • FarStack_8bit.cbvs*
    • FarStack_8bit.cbvs*
    • psdn11_TbsdmF_Near_Nov_11_32bit*
    • psdn11_TbsdmF_Mid_Nov_11_32bit*
    • psdn11_TbsdmF_Far_Nov_11_32bit*
    • * Download Separately!


    • Wells database contains 10 wells with arbitrary time-depth models (based on constant velocity of 2500 m/s):
    • Kronos 1
    • Pharos 1
    • Poseidon 1
    • Poseidon 2
    • Poseidon North 1
    • Proteus 1
    • Proteus 1ST1
    • Proteus 1ST2
    • Torosa 1
    • All available well data can be downloaded from NOPIMS website by GEOScience Australia.
    • Alternatively and a bit more conveniently, some well data can be downloaded from an external location supported by ConocoPhillips.


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