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Project Canada East Coast Newfoundland





East Coast, Offshore, Newfoundland




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Survey Parameters

Survey type:

Only 2D

Available Data

2D Seismic:

  • Jeanne d’Arc Basin/Flemish Pass/Carson Basin/Central Ridge: 24,000 km, 1983. Operator: Societe Qubecoise D’Initiatives Petrolieres (for PAREX General Partnership). Vectorized migrated stacks.
  • Jeanne d’Arc Basin - Riverhead: 1,963km, 1998. Operator Petro-Canada. Vectorised 30 inlines and 32 crosslines from the Riverhead 3D, migrated.
  • Orphan Basin: 23,000 km, 1982, 2000, 2003. Operators: ICG Parks, GSI, TGS. Vectorised migrated stacks.
  • Orphan Basin: 11,868 km, 2005. Operator: Chevron. Vectorised 120 inlines and 48 Crosslines from the Margaree 3D, migrated.
  • Orphan Basin: 4639 km, 2003. Operators: GSI, TGS. Vectorised migrated stacks.
  • Grand Banks - Carson Basin/Horeseshoe Basin/Whale Basin: 5049 km, 1985. Operator: Petro Canada. Vectorised migrated stacks.

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